Wondering what the term ‘flush’ means? In simple words, it is the season when tea leaves are harvested. There are generally four flushes—First, Second, Third and Fourth. From the early months of May till the early week of July is the time for second flush. These leaves absorb a humongous amount of rain water and mature all through the months of monsoon. As a result, they produce a rich color and quite often a muscatel flavor when brewed. Second flush tea leaves are always dark in color, with a stronger aroma.

Black Thunder
This term is generally referred to the black CTC tea which has strong liquoring character. Palatable tea has to be suitably brewed keeping the strength in mind.

Silver Bullet
This tea is prepared from fine plucking, high wither and a well rolled leaf. This tea is rounded like pellets and is very silvery in colour due to the type of manufacture.

Silver Thunder
This tea has a combined character of fine plucked, well rolled leaf and a black CTC tea with strong liquoring character. The name denotes a variety of high-quality teas.

Silver Needle
Baihao Yinzhen or the White Hair Silver Needle, is a white tea that comes from the Fujian Province in China. It is considered to be the best among all white teas. The common cultivar of a genuine Silver Needle tea is the Da Bai tea family. Like most white teas, the Silver Needle too is also only mildly oxidized. Needless to say, the most sought-after productions are from the first flush, which is a short span between late March to early April.


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