Where Tranquility Meets Hospitality in Every Chapter

Community Connections

Where Tranquility Meets Hospitality in Every Chapter


Weaving Stories Along the River


Echoes of Hills and Forests


Where Roots Run Deep and Hearts Soar High


Eastern Himalayan Soul, Vibrant Hearts


Where Nature's Secrets Unfold

The Mishing community of Assam, with unique weaving skills, enriches the region’s cultural fabric, preserving heritage with grace and resilience

The Garo community, with their intricate traditions and serene harmony, embellishes the cultural tapestry with a captivating blend of heritage and beauty

The Bodo community, paints a colorful mosaic of traditions, resilience, and grace

Bodo House

The Nepali community weaves a vibrant tapestry of traditions, resilience, and warm-hearted hospitality

The Nyishi community, the largest ethnic group, embodies a vibrant cultural legacy, enriching the region’s tapestry with its deep-rooted traditions



Come and get lost, weave a tapestry of memories

Village Homestay Retreat

Experience the warmth of local hospitality, and reconnect with the simplicity of life. Where time slows down, and the soul finds solace


The World of Folktales

Listen to the stories of nature
Medicinal Plant

A Green Participation

Your Journey with Medicinal Plants
Heart of the village

Discover the Heart of the Village

Guided Walks with Locals
Heartbeat of tradition

The Heartbeat of Tradition

Live Cultural Performances

Homegrown Goodness

Authentic Flavours of Eastern Himalayas

Weaving Stories

Explore Handloom & Textile

Local Market Fusion

Where Culture and Commerce Collide

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