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Tea Tasting

Surrounded by fresh tea bushes it is only natural guests will want to savour “the cup that cheers”. While staying right in the heart of Assam, a region famous for its black tea noted for its body, strong bright colour and unique malty flavour, some may like to take this further and become initiated into the mystique of tea.


First Flush - Dining Pavilion

Food is a focal point of the Wild Mahseer experience just as it was during the lives of the old school tea planters when estates were totally self-sufficient. Back in the day the Burra Mem (Manager’s wife) and her staff did everything from making crisps by frying wafer thin potato slices to serve with drinks when the Visiting Agent stopped over while making his regular inspection, to milking the cows kept on property... not to mention protecting the vegetable gardens and fruit trees from tribes of marauding macaque monkeys!


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