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The most striking thing about Assam’s handicrafts is that neither the style nor method of production has changed for hundreds of years.

Most recognised for exemplary quality silks, cane and bamboo items, Assamese artisans also produce an array of cotton fabrics, bell-metal utensils, masks, toys, pottery, jewellery and paintings.

Muga Silk

Known as the “king of silks” muga is golden yellow in appearance and is produced by a semi-domesticated silkworms endemic to Assam that are fed on som tree leaves. The silk, known for its glossy fine texture and durability, is exclusive since it can only be found in Assam. Because of the muga yarn’s low porosity it cannot be bleached or dyed so its natural golden colour is retained. It can be hand-washed, however, and its luster increases after every wash.



Weaving is one of the oldest industries in the state and Assam is well known for its rich textures and designs leading Gandhiji to compliment Assamese weavers as artists who could weave dreams in their looms. So important is this ancient craft it is customary for all young Assamese girls to learn to weave in order to make a marriage match. The industry has been kept alive by the many tribes residing in Assam, which boasts the largest number of weavers and handlooms in the whole of India.



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