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The most striking thing about Assam’s handicrafts is that neither the style nor method of production has changed for hundreds of years.

Most recognised for exemplary quality silks, cane and bamboo items, Assamese artisans also produce an array of cotton fabrics, bell-metal utensils, masks, toys, pottery, jewellery and paintings.

Cane & Bamboo

Cane and bamboo contribute a great deal to the lifestyle and economy of Assam. Many varieties grow in abundance and each has its own special uses. Bamboo in particular is an integral part of architecture in the villages.

Cane and bamboo are also used in making furniture as well as many other day-to-day articles like beer mugs, sieves and various tools and utensils.


Eri Silk

The word Eri (also known as Endi or Errandi) is derived from erranda, the Assamese word for castor and is made from worms that feed on the leaves of the castor oil plant. Since the pupae are allowed to develop into adults and only the open-ended cocoons are used for turning into silk it is also known as Non-Violent Silk. It is only produced in Assam, the east Khasi Hills and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh. It is soft and warm and popularly made into shawls and quilts.


Pat Silk

This is also called Mulberry Silk as the silkworms are raised exclusively on the leaves of mulberry plants. It is usually brilliant white or shiny silver in colour. The texture is very refined and it is in great demand among the fashion conscious around the globe.



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