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The day at Wild Mahseer typically begins in the dining pavilion with a planters’ breakfast of eggs, grilled fresh tomatoes, baked beans, chana masala (a north Indian spicy chickpea curry) accompanied by puris (deep fried light, puffy breads) and freshly squeezed seasonal juices such as orange or pomegranate and of course, a pot of tea.

Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

During our guests' stay with us at Wild Mahseer one thing we absolutely guarantee is to take care of their taste buds.We can teach them how, too.

So why not pick some fresh seasonal produce from our vegetable and herb gardens, come into the kitchen and learn to cook a selection of North Indian, Assamese and Anglo-Indian dishes?

With a little notice informal cooking classes can be arranged at any of the bungalow kitchens (Heritage, Golden Tips and Silver Tips).



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