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Explore the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Himalayas

In addition to day trips our staff at Wild Mahseer are also happy to make bookings for overnight accommodation inside the park, but please give us adequate notice because park resorts are very busy especially during the popular month of December.

Kaziranga National Park is split into 4 zones: the central or Kaziranga Range; the western or Bagori Range; the eastern or Agaratoli Range; and the Burapahar Range. We usually recommend that our guests take their elephant safari in the western range where they will have a chance to get close to the great Indian one-horned rhinoceros. The favoured ranges for jeep safaris are the eastern, central and western.

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E - Bird

Bird Enthusiasts can explore the different birds sighted at Wild Mahseer by logging in to the e-bird website.


Two tea capitals converge -Assam to Darjeeling

A light, flavourful and aromatic long leaf tea that is a delight to sip, Darjeeling tea is also known as the champagne of teas.


Romancing with Tea

Experiencing & exploring the adventure of Tea Tourism in the Eastern Himalayas

The land of blue hills, Assam is a paradise for tea connoisseurs and tea lovers. In the words of William Ewart Gladstone, "If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you."

Top Story


When I landed in front of my Silver tips bungalow in Wild Mahseer, I was so in awe of my abode for the next 2 days that I almost lost my backpack if not for a virtuous cab driver who came back to return it.

We arrived at Wild Mahseer in the night after a 5 hour drive from Guwahati. Drained and greasy after an entire day journey, I was just looking to settle in while light fruit cakes and cookies appeared, right away. And, Assam’s very own Assam black tea as beverage. Incidentally, once the liquid and aromas hit my senses, I was back to my old pleasing self(!!).

I entered my room to portrait frames and porcelain plates of colorful birds hanging on the walls, curtains and pillows with birds printed on it and a glass walled bathroom. I then sensed a pattern in these rooms, all rooms are themed with either birds, animals, fishes, flowers or plants. Apparently, the wooden furnitures and the brilliant art pieces are personally handpicked by the owner’s wife. All in line with its rich heritage of the colonial era. Wild Mahseer is a perfect fusion of history and class tucked into a 22-acre sanctuary. It gives you the feels of an ancestral family home.

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