Mystical Monsoon in the Eastern Himalayas Experience Monsoon Amidst Nature

Endowed with gifts from nature, monsoons in the Eastern Himalayas are magical and inspires legend and poetry. As the clouds form over the azure mountain tops and the monsoon showers hit the ground, fresh blooms of “Kopou – Fox-tail Orchid”, Rajanigandha – “Tube Rose”, Karabi – “Oleander” blossom and the common hawk-cuckoo sings the monsoon song.
Day 1-Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer
The monsoon rings in an added charm to Wild Mahseer. Marvel at the immaculately kept lawns and flowerbeds in the season blooming with marigolds and roses. It is a tranquil oasis set amidst lush greenery to experience the cool monsoon breeze and the freshness of Earth.
Day 2 – Conversations with Nature
​Let the Bordoisila caress your being while you smell the raw earth and bathe your feet on the wet grass. Come to the world of oneness where there is rhythm in the sound of rain and gentleness as it touches your soul. Take a nature trail to discover blooms and birds of the 3 season such as Krisnochura – Peacock flower, Togor- Arabian jasmine or Naahor-Cobra Saffron.
Cuddle in the warmth of History and Nature
You could also choose to stay indoors to listen to the soothing sound of the pattering of the rains as you warm into a book from our tidy in-house collection of books or soak in the surrounding greenery over a cup of Assam chai.
Day 3 -Slow cycling and walking
The exuberance of monsoons in the Eastern Himalayas is contagious. New shoots burst from the soil and the environment is magical with the sights and sounds of activity in the animal kingdom. Explore by slow cycling and walking the extensive tea plantations and the breathtaking surroundings. The highlight before the trip ends, are the elephants, who you can observe in their natural surroundings as they pass through safe corridors and co-exist with nature communities.
Explore Community Villages
Located 30 minutes away from the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer are the Garo, Nyishi and Mishing villages of Assam, which is characterized by untouched nature and traditions. Join the locals and learn about their relationship with nature and explore their home gardens of endemic species, efficient rainwater harvesting system, waste management system and way of life.
Day 4 -Tea Experience at Wild Mahseer
Wild Mahseer takes pride in presenting full growing cycle, tea manufacture, marketing and consumption. We offer our guests a unique experience to revel in the old British tea planter’s life and unravel the history of tea discovery. During peak growing season, tea bushes of all ages look fresh and green of all shades and hues. Wild Mahseer has a panel of tea experts with extensive knowledge in all departments of tea from nursery to the rich brew provided to connoisseurs of tea. We offer our guests an end to end experience on the process of how tea is grown, collected / harvested, processed in a traditional factory, then packed and sold in the market. Join us on a tea trail in the Eastern Himalayas
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Tea Tasting at Wild Mahseer

Surrounded by fresh tea bushes it is only natural guests will want to savour “the cup that cheers”. We are always delighted to arrange a personal introduction to the romance of tea tasting at our tea bar in the First Flush dining pavilion where 57 different types and grades of tea from every corner of the world are on display. Our experts will also take you through the story of the arrival of chai in India and explore the 170-year-old tea saga.