Wild Mahseer

Where History is your Host
A resort (homestay) infused with naturalistic splendor away from the chaotic and monotonous life. We care about the well-being of our customers and offer a supreme level of comfort and services of the highest quality. For us, this is not just an abode but a gateway for you to live life like a king-size. Spend every day to its fullest and make unforgettable memories in our beautiful and palatial property.

Wilderness Tonic

Breathtaking views await you! The mesmerising blue lines tangling with orange hues in the sky that meets the lush green terrain is just magnificent. Contrasting colours will be captured by your eyes as you breathe in the fresh air of nature.

Surround yourself with a spectacular arena and energetic spirit that will make your getaway perfect.


At Wild Mahseer, we stand out for our humble hospitality and unforgettable events. We listen to your every need and add a touch of our unique experience that makes every event a one-in-a-million. We choose to give you a splendid and magical experience that no one can match up to.

With majestic and comfortable rooms, you can play any event you wish to! Rest assured, guests will be surprised and enchanted by the elegance and family warmth that we reserve for the customers of our hotel.

Gastronomic Delights

As enchanting is the location and our resort, our wide range of cuisine will heighten all your senses. We prepare every dish with utmost sincerity for you to experience a flavourful journey of florence.

The skilful hand that prepares them personally handpicks the raw ingredients so you taste the best of it

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