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Incubated by Balipara Foundation and a sister concern of Wild Mahseer, Elephant Country is a handloom and handicraft brand designed to synergise Asian Elephant conservation and community development. Elephant Country products are symbolic of the inter-dependent relationship between men and elephants. Crafted by local artisans of Eastern Himalayas these products tell a story of coexistence and a unique bond of nurturing and being nurtured. The idea behind these products is to provide alternate sources of revenue generation and livelihood to many forest-fringe communities. 

The Eastern Himalayan region spans six countries, twenty-five unique ecoregions and two global biodiversity hotspots, uniting over 246 million people from over 400 distinct ethnic groups speaking over 40 unique languages, across a landscape that ranges from snowline to sealine.

The Elephant Country store in Wild Mahseer offers not just a unique experience of a wide range of products very carefully and personally handpicked for our patrons and guests but also gives an insight to the interwinding stories rooted to the culture, beliefs and traditions of the communities in the Eastern Himalayas.


Elephant Country Immunity Spices from Northeast India

The First Flush Dining Hall was then a garage for tractors and has been converted to a 28- seater world class dining space panelled with French Doors embedded with glass to let sunlight through! During monsoons, feel the fresh air and cool droplets of rain sprinkling outdoors with lush green cover, while you relish an array of delectable spread. The adjoining areas have been specifically curated for autumn bonfires and outdoor barbeques with comfortable seating for over 20 guests.

Elephant Country Pickles

Elephant Country pickles are prepared using naturally grown, sun dried & dew kissed ingredients. The traditional grandmother recipes of the pickles are from the diverse ethnic communities of the Eastern Himalayas.

Elephant Country Specialty Tea Blends

Elephant Country Specialty Tea Blends is a exotic collection of tea sourced from small tea growers across Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The tea leaves are handcrafted and blended with different ingredients to offer you the perfect tea reach in aroma, flavour and taste which celebrates the essence of the Eastern Himalayas. 

Elephant Country Community Weaves

Elephant Country community weave products are crafted with love using locally sourced organic raw materials and natural and harmless azo free dyes by traditional craftsman and artisans celebrating human connection with mother nature.

We also cater to customized and bulk requirements. 

Reach us at

Jyotirmoy Barpujari / +91 970 60 12 661 / jyotirmoy.barpujari@elephantcountry.in

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