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Tee Times in the Eastern Himalayas


The advent of Scots into Assam brought with itself the dawn of golf in the region. Nestled in the Brahmaputra valley, British planters carved out many golf gardens to enrich their social life making it the golf capital of India. The land of the blue hills and sprawling lush tea plantations, Assam has been an exotic destination for the avid golfer.




Arrival at Assam: India’s little-know land

Guwahati-Wild Mahseer -en route Misa Polo Club
Located in the picturesque Kellyden Te Estate, stop by at the Misa Polo Club (established in 1888), that served as a temporary station for the U.S. Army during World War II as their base of operations. Enjoy a cuppa tea at this heritage club, which is a golfer’s paradise and boasts of an 18-hole golf-course

Arrival at Wild Mahseer
Enter a whole new world where communities keep history alive and nourish the biodiversity resulting in to 22-acres of man-made forest and heritage Bungalows

Bonfire Evenings or dinner at Mishing village
Unwind and indulge in a bonfire night under the forest canopy or visit the Mishing village for ethnic dinner at the home of a Mishing family

(Activities and meal costs are chargeable/person)


Misa Polo Club

Wild Mahseer

Magical Bonfire




Conversations with Nature

Community Homestays

A day at the historical club


Conversations with nature at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark
Embrace the fresh forest air on a nature walk through the biodiversity at the Ark as it rejuvenates your mind, body and soul

Breakfast at First Flush Dining Pavilion

Visit the ethnic villages of Garo, Nyishi and Mishing
Engage in conversations with the communities to learn about their ethnic way of life and relationship with nature.

Misa Polo Club
Head straight to the Misa Polo Club for lunch followed by playing golf at the 18-hole golf course and a host of other activities such as playing billiards on the vintage billiards table or keying in musical notes on the vintage piano. You can also indulge in a little tea party chatting with friends and family

Return to Wild Mahseer in the evening for the night

(Activities and meal costs are chargeable/person)



For Corporates

Our Two and a Half bud conference room is ideal for conducting corporate outward bound, leadership and motivational programmes. Surrounded by dense forests, you will equip yourself with learning and experience which refreshes your mind amidst birds and butterflies in the Ark


Tea Tasting at Wild Mahseer
Discover the 170-year-old tea saga of the world’s largest tea growing region as you relish a cuppa with our tea experts


Slow Cycling & Walking
Cycle through lush green tea plantations, witness traditional farming and meet the dedicated tea pluckers on the way. Behold your breadth, you may just spot a tusker!


Spend the evening in our Bungalows and allow history to be your host


For CorporatesFor Individuals & Families

Romancing the Brahmaputra with the Indo Gangetic River Dolphins
After a relaxed breakfast, head towards Kalia Bhomora bridge. This bridge connects Sonitpur on the north bank with Nagaon District on the south bank. The bridge is 3015 meters long, and construction took place from 1981 to 1987. It was inaugurated by the then PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi.


Experience the wildnerness of the river Brahmaputra & the Indo Gangetic river dolphinson an open country boat. There is nothing more enamoring that watching these magnificent creatures at play.


Tezpur City Keeping History Alive
The name denotes Tez-blood, pur-place of residence. Its history dates back to the times of Mahabharat, when as mythology says, many a bloody battle was fought here. Visit the world famous Assam Silk Emporia, where muga silk is made in Sualkuchi. Assam silk denotes the three major types of indigenous wild silks produced in Assam golden muga, white pat and warm Eri silk.


On your return to Wild Mahseer, spend the day in the tea gardens of Assam as we serve nature &history on the same platter!




The forests of Nameri National Park and Tiger Reserve and the World Heritage site of Kaziranga National Park are a must visit to soak in the diversity of the flora and fauna and the significant ongoing ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of natural ecosystems.


Pics Courtesy (TOP): Siddharth Singh




Vigor and Charisma of the Enchanting Wildlife at the Kaziranga National Park


Early morning drive to one of the most incredible ecosystems in the world


Elephant Safari (optional)
The early morning Elephant Safari is an experience to remember and cherish as you welcome the new dawn surrounded by absolute peace and the exotic wildlife of the forest.
(Elephant ride per head: INR 1050)


Followed by a Jeep Safari
for an exhilarating drive to witness the one-horned rhinoceros, the pride of Assam and the Big 5 served to you in pre-historic setting.
(Jeep Safari per head: INR 2350)


Guests must enjoy a relishing pure vegetarian meal
at Srimati Roopshika Gogoi’s, whose recipes are passed down from her ancestors, who traveled to Assam all the way through Burma from Kunming and Tibet
(Lunch per head: INR 250)


Return to Wild Mahseer through Tezpur city. Explore local markets or return to Wild Mahseer as we serve you history and nature on the same platter 




220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport

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