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Rivers Journeys and Adventures


The Brahmaputra river is one of the largest rivers in the world and originates from the Kailash ranges of Himalayas. A symbol of pride, it is the lifeline of the people of North East and Assam and is a haven for adventure sports. Spot the magnificent Indo-Gangetic Dolphins, traverse through rural villages settled on the banks of its tributaries, journey through its history and the forests that it nurtures and makes fertile




Arrival at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer via the historical Misa Polo Club that served as a base for the US Army during World War 11 and a social club for the colonial tea planters.


The biodiverse haven of the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark is a gateway to experiencing the natural history of the Eastern Himalayas through tea, flora and fauna and local communities.  


Conversations with Nature

The Mishing community, originally hill dwellers, belong to the sub-race of Mongloid race who migrated to the land of blue hills, Assam in the early 16th century and settled along the banks of the Subansiri river, a prominent tributary of the mighty Brahmaputra, designing their own Chang Ghars (traditional huts), homes and livelihoods through rice cultivation, agriculture, fishing, boating, and other activities of natural assets preservation. Experience their ethnic way of life as you visit their homes and villages



The Kaziranga is made and nurtured by the Brahmaputra. Kaziranga National Park is a famous natural World Heritage Site because of its dynamic nature. Its natural processes are very dynamic. Kaziranga is an outstanding example representing significant ongoing ecological and biological processes in the evolution and development of natural ecosystems.

Famous for the one-horned rhinoceros, the park is filled with birdsong, flowering plants, vast grasslands, sparkling beels, nearly 500 species of birds and the magnificent Asian Elephants.

The vigor and charisma of the enchanting jungle is best experienced in the wee hours as you welcome the sun along with the other species in the forest.



Nameri National Park & Tiger Reserve

On the north bank of the River Brahmaputra is the avian paradise of Nameri National Park & Tiger Reserve. Adjoined on the northeastern side by the Pakke Tiger Reserve in Arunachal Pradesh, the park is one of the richest reservoirs of plant and animal life in the world. Rufous- necked hornbills, Amur Falcon, Oriental Hobby are some of the birds that adorn its skyline and the gentle streams of Jia Bhoroli flows along the forest.


We have a special relationship with our friends at the Eco Camp situated near the park, and you can enjoy snacks, full meals and drinks at the restaurant in the camp's beautiful grounds before or after your trek.

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport

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