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Extended trail Tea gardens of Assam


Tea Gardens of Assam

Total distance = 5.5km
Time required = 4-5 hours, 2-3 hours in cycling


In 1832, a Scottish gentleman Robert Bruce discovered indigenous Assam tea in the region and there began the tea life of Assam. Step into the Himalayan wonderland of the heritage of tea and curl into the stories of the Sahibs and the Memsahibs as you take an epic plant hunter’s expedition, slow cycling and walking through sloping tea plantations of Assam. Prepare to be enthralled by its plush biodiversity and touched by the interdependent relationship between nature and human as you witness traditional methods of farming, shifting courses of rivers and the chemistry behind the sip of a cup of the Assam brew



Opulent Tea Gardens

Local stories on Traditional Farming

Legend of the Mora Bhoroli (Dead River)

Ethnic Food of the Nepali Community

Safe passage for the gentle giants & other mammals

Dominating 110.4 hectares of land the tea plantation is home to tea bushes that are 100 years old, 50+ species of birds, exotic butterflies and an elephant corridor. Walk through these gardens infused with the aroma of tea and as you encounter nature’s beauty and meet the dedicated tea pluckers along the way.

Nature’s basket of flora & fauna

Aquatic plants like duck lettuce and water horn ferns as well as ecologically and economically valuable tree species like Bombax ceiba, Litsea glutinosa , Litsea monopetela inhabit this area along with spotted Dove, red vented Bulbul, Asian Koel, great tit, etc

Legend of the Mora Bhorali

Behind the panoramic view and the antiquity of the name Mora Bhorali (dead river) lies a simple story. In 1930s as the river flow shifted its course, the once alive river turned lifeless. Over the years, nurtured by humans the area became favorable for paddy growth, grazing and dwelling for birds.

Earth Heroes

Earth Hero Durga Bahadur Rai of Labarghari village an inspiration to her community for integrating traditional farming with her livelihood. Her farm is an abode to fish species such as Labeo rohita (rohu), Punctius sophore (puthi) and other domestic animals. Breathe in clean air and indulge in the wealth of nature.

Nature Capital






(Acacia auriculiformis)







220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport

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