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Chinese New Year


Usher in the Year of Pig at the biodiverse haven of the Eastern Himalayas as your travel gives back to local communities


day 1

Misa Polo Club

Coddle in the old social lifestyle of the planting community at this colonial heritage club (3.5 hours from Guwahati Airport).

Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer

Enter a whole new world, where communities keep history alive and nourish the biodiversity. (1.5 hours from Misa Polo Club).

Magical Bonfires

Tuck into a cozy evening by the fireplace in the Burra Bungalow

ReUnion Dinner

Indulge in extraordinary meals of steaming Anglo-India platters filled with traditional ingredients such as fish, duck, chicken and local vegetables


day 2

Jungle Bathing in Kaziranga

Begin the new day connecting with the natural world of majestic Asian Elephants, iconic one-horned rhinoceros and the other exotic flora and fauna while welcoming the morning dawn in the forests of Kaziranga National Park

Dolphins at play

Take a traditional wooden riverboat and go spotting endangered freshwater Gangetic dolphins


day 3

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

A morning walk through the nature trail of 1,00,000+ plants, 75+ birds’ species, 72+butterflies’ species in store for you! Meet us at 6am outside the Heritage Bungalow!

Shopping at local bazaars (markets), community homes and at the Naturenomics™ Store

For handicrafts that are ideal for souvenirs and gifts for loved ones


day 4

Plant hunter’s expedition – slow cycling and walking

An idyllic ride through landscapes of community farms and picnic trees to visit community villages

Community Villages

Experience the natural way of living of local communities- Garo, Nyishi & Mishing

We will be happy to customize your stay and travel.

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