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Bonding with Earth- Farming & Gardening in the Eastern Himalayas


“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it contributes most to real wealth and prosperous communities”


day 1
Welcome to the land of the rising Sun- Assam 

Misa Polo Club

Established in 1888, Misa Polo Club served as a base for the U.S. Army stationed during World War II. Coddle in the old social lifestyle at this colonial heritage club (3.5 hours from Guwahati Airport). The property boasts of a sprawling golf course with 18 holes, a vintage piano and vintage billiards table

Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer

Enter a whole new world at Wild Mahseer, where communities keep history alive and nourish the biodiversity (1.5hrs from Misa Polo Club). Soak in 145 years of cultural inheritance and 1000 years of environmental heritage and you spend the night on the property


day 2

Learn about traditional crops and innovative and conventional farming practices adopted by local communities to preserve endemic crops and nurture indigenous lands. Visit Community villages of the Garo, Nysihi and Mishing community to experience their ethnic way of life and rich bio-cultural heritage

Eastern Himalayan Nursery

Community seed banks serve a critical need for farmers to access seeds and conserve threatened crop diversity. Take a tour of the Eastern Himalayan Nursery, a living prototype of Naturenomics ™, which seeks to promote the principles of interdependence between humans and the environment and serves as a center for propagation of endemic floral species and preservation of indigenous knowledge, research and education

Naturenomics™ Rice Museum

The Naturenomics™ Rice Museum showcases indigenous craftsmanship and the rich traditional art and craft of the Eastern Himalayas. Get a glimpse into the historical heritage and sustainable lifestyle of these communities

day 3

Conversations with Nature

Take a nature walk with 75+species of birds, 72+species of butterflies and 1,00,000+ plants at the morning walk at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark. We encourage activities such as jungle bathing, tree hugging to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Shirin-Yoku also, jungle bathing restores and calms a person, allowing nature to heal you

Sowing Seeds of Conservation - Organic Farming and Rice Cultivation Workshop (Prior confirmation)

Mahan Chandra Bora, a farmer from Meleng stocks up nearly-extinct and rare indigenous rice varieties, in his unique seed library “Annapurna Seed Library” to preserve the agriculture heritage of the region. Learn about different methods of efficient rice cultivation and how the library functions as “northeast India’s first indigenous seed saving library”

Tea Garden Tour and Factory visit

Assam is a paradise for tea connoisseurs and tea lovers. Take a guided tour with our experts on the end to end process of making tea, unravel the history of tea on our tea garden tour and let us tell you the story of how tea was discovered in India over “Chai Ki Baat”.

Slow cycle or walk through the tea gardens of Assam and meet the dedicated tea pluckers along the way. Dominating 110.4 hectares of land the tea plantation is home to tea bushes that are 100 years old, 50+ species of birds, exotic butterflies and an elephant corridor.

Celebrate Earth & Its unique bond with local communities – You can experience this festival if you are traveling in February

Join the Mishing community to celebrate Ali Aye Ligang-a spring festival that marks the onset of sowing paddy
(Celebrated in February)

Older members of the Mishing community performing rituals of Ali Aye Ligang. The Apong, Purang, Take and Si-Pag are places accordingly at the decorated area and then the seeds are sown over the area with chanting to their forefathers

Or Celebrate Rongali Bihu, which also celebrates the unique relationship of nurturing nature so that nature nurtures you
(Celebrated in April)

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