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Assam Yarns and Weaves

Experience the heritage silk route of Assam and witness live, the lustrous silk, the weavings, the textures, the age old traditional motifs & patterns of ethnic tribes of North East India. Explore the beautiful art of textile woven from three major types of silk produced in Assam -Golden Muga, White Pat and Warm Eri Silk. The synthesis of cottage and small scale textile industries engage in constructing intricate patterns that reflects the scenic beauty of Assam and simplicity of Assamese culture.


Muga & Eri Silk Village Trip

Delve into the rich culture of the silk industry with the Muga and Eri Silk trip to the quaint villages of Assam! Endemic to the region, Antheraea Assamensis silkworm produces muga silk and is known for its glossy textured finish. The soft Eri silk is obtained from Eri silk worms that feed on castor plants and is used in fabricating shawls. Explore the techniques and processes involved in creating colourful sets of the indigenous traditional Assamese attire called Mekhela Sador. Savour a scrumptious Assamese lunch on the banks of Brahmaputra River and just sit back enjoy the ride back to Guwahati!











Muga & Eri plantations

Distance: Within 150 km radius of Guwahati city     Duration: 8-9 hours (9 am to 5pm)
No of Tourists: Maximum of 5     Car: SUV-Toyota Innova     Guide: One Guide

Seeding & Rearing of Muga Silk (Seasonal)

Let us guide you to the nearest Muga and Eri Silk Seeding & Rearing unit and take you through the process of the traditional practices inherited from generation to generation among the people of Assam. Learn about the methods of seed preparation, rearing, reeling, spinning and many more important steps at the community weaving centres.


Distance: within 150 km radius of Guwahati city     Duration: 5 hours (9 am to 2pm)
No of Tourists: Maximum of 5     Car: SUV – Toyota - Innova     Guide: One Guide
Seasonal Attraction: Live demo of ERI silk rearing during the months of November-April

Sualkuchi: Silk Heritage Village of Assam

Immerse yourself in the long tradition of silk weaving since the 17 th century. This prominent textile center has a rich weaving culture, essentially concerned with production, design and distribution of clothing in Assam and other parts of the country. The impeccable designs on the fabrics woven merges heritage with style, inspired by Assamese jewelry and intricate shapes of different flowers, birds and animals. Visit this silk town to gain insight into the history of weaving that grew to such sophistication all over India and beyond!


Distance: within 150 km radius of Guwahati city     Duration: 5 hours (9 am to 2pm)
No of Tourists: Maximum of 5     Car: SUV-Toyota Innova     Guide: One Guide

Natural Dyeing & Community Village Weaves

The main sources of vegetable dyes are derived from plant sources such as roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood. Share the local sustainable practices of dyeing with local artisans of the enchanting villages of Assam!


Visit the ethnic eco-tourism through homestays of the three communities of the Mishings, the Garos and the Nyishis. Take a tour of the Naturenomics TM Store at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in Residence at Wild Mahseer, where exquisite and sustainable products are showcased to promote local art.

Wuya Store Visit

Distance: Within 100 km radius of Guwahati city
Duration: 6 -7 hours (9.30am to 5pm)
No of Tourists: Maximum of 5

Note: Also natural dyeing trainings available 3-5 days on advance booking, INR-10,000/- per colour.


220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport

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