Bihu Festivities with Mother Nature

Celebrate with the Local Communities

Experience the practices of organic farming, weaving, cooking, organic dyeing and many more indigenous activities with the communities living around the ark (Garo, Bodo, Nyishi, Mishing and Nepali) Spend a day learning about their sustainable ways of living. Relish in an organic and ethnic meals prepared with fresh vegetables from their home gardens (ghor-bari). Experience their traditional dances and folk songs and soak in the tranquility of the village life.
Jungle Bathing

Find yourself in the Forests as you open your senses to the sounds, sights and scents of the Earth and practice Shinrin-Yoku, Japanese art of ‘Jungle Bathing’
In the Merriment of ‘Bhogali’

Dance to the beat of nature and indulge in Pitha, Larus (traditional food made of rice and coconut) Doi, Seera, Jolpan, hurum, komol saul and jaggery, mouth-watering and decadent dishes of this season as you dig into the plates with your hands and eat the traditional way. Gather over a bonfire and make merry!
Assamica Weaves

Do not forget to visit our Elephant Country Store at Wild Mahseer and take home our wholesome and sustainable products crafted intricately by the communities nearby.

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