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Wild Mahseer launches first of its kind “Yoga Assamica” in the Eastern Himalayas

“Yoga and forest therapy connects us to our natural rhythm and nature’s symphony, that nourishes our mind, body & soul”- Ranjit Barthakur, Wild Mahseer

In the land of the rising sun and biodiverse depths of the serene forests of the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, surrounded by the Himalayan ranges, Wild Mahseer launches first of its kind “Yoga Asamica” package beginning on 15th to 19th Februray’18.  Over 4 days, a group of 12 guests, who are Irish, British, Australian, Belgians and Indian, will be cultivating the ancient discipline of Hatha Vinyasa Yoga & Moon Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.

Inspired by Donyi-Polo, literally translated (Sun-Moon), an animist religion followed by many tribals of Arunachal Pradesh, that focuses on the worship of these two celestial bodies, this package will attune one to the gentle way of learning the sacred ancient wisdom, along with exploring the bio-cultural heritage of the region. 

With its towering trees, a rich diversity of wildlife and nature’s symphony, Wild Mahseer is the perfect destination for enhancing clarity of mind, activating your chakras, rejuvenating your mind, body and soul and becoming one with the 5 elements of nature – bhūmi (earth), ap or jala (water), tejas or agni (fire), marut, vayu or pavan (air or wind) and vyom or shunya (space or zero) or akash (aether or void).  

Beginning their days with a Suryanamakar (Sun Salutations) and conversations with nature, a botanic trail to discover exotic birds, vibrant butterflies and colorful flowers, they will be encouraged to soak in the forest atmosphere and connect with the aroma of the fresh soil, the symphony of the wildlife and the cooling effect of the forest air. Followed by practicing Hatha and Vinayasa Yoga under the trees as each form of Yoga works to increase flexibility and strength, improve breathing and quiet the mind. Complete and pure, it is a discipline encompassing all aspects of life in different ways and levels to balance the mind, body and spirit.  

A Yoga retreat in nature’s lap is the perfect opportunity to relax & find some peace of mind & heart, resting to your heart’s content in the valleys beneath. Practicing Meditation will lead to the path of self-discovery and developing a deeper understanding of the concept of living in harmony with nature and all beings. The morning routine will be followed by a delectable spread of healthy breakfast. We are curating a well-balanced vegan and vegetarian menu to include seasonal vegetates and fruits, wholesome grains with flavors of Assam and the local north-eastern communities for an enriching experience and a nourishing diet that helps reduce the carbon footprint.

In the evening, as the blue moon illuminates the inky sky sketched with trees, we will get our inner glow on with gently flowing, quieting moon salutations.  While the sun salutations are designed to heat up the body, Moon Salutations are cooling and quieting.  We will also practice Pranayama that focuses on our breathing and literally means expansion of Prana (vitality), drawing our awareness inward as we feel nurtured by Mother Nature. 

As the day comes to an end and we unwind over dinner, we will notice a significant shift our mood and emotions, and a general lightness of being as we retire to our rooms for the deepest meditative sleep derived from the tranquility of the day.  Immersed in a 108 year old history on the north bank of Assam, and influenced by the cultural diversity of local communities, there can be no better place to learn and practice the ancient art of Yoga than amidst the majestic mountains and serene valleys of the Himalayas which is believed to be the locus origins of Yoga itself.

Yoga Asamica


Photo Credits: Rahul Joshi @India_Gram

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