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Wharton Social Impact Consultants at Balipara Foundation's Social Enterprise

L-R - Kathleen, Jonathan, Kshitij, Aditi, Julie and Kartik

(L-R - Kathleen, Jonathan, Kshitij, Aditi, Julie and Kartik )

Guwahati, May 26, 2018: Top Business School students come to Balipara Foundation’s Social Enterprise - Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer as a part of the Wharton Global Impact Consulting Programme. 6 Students from the MBA course, class of 2019 will serve as strategic advisors to enhance social impact by articulating the strategy and execution model of Wild Mahseer.

Designed to integrate rural livelihood through preservation and conservation of natural resources at the Ark, Balipara Foundation aims to empower local communities through socio-economic development and foster the interdependent relationship between nature and its nurturers. These Future Green Leaders will analyze the historical data, review financial and marketing models and help refine Balipara Foundation’s growth strategy by addressing the complex societal and environmental challenges that they work around.

Their itinerary between 21st -28th May includes stay at Wild Mahseer, one on one interactions with stakeholders to understand the day to day operations, experience the local culture, nature and heritage that are promoted through experiential marketing and visit to the community villages for the homestay experience for meaningful conversations with the locals to add value to their learnings. They will also explore tea plantations and the tea culture of Assam and visit world heritage parks to soak in the biodiversity abundance.

The Wharton Social Impact Consulting programme is a non-profit student organized group that provides consulting services to address some of the most pressing issues of the times and achieve positive impact in the community. Students who have joined have a strong foundation in strategic roles and have studied in world class Universities such as Princeton, Stony Brook University, Lady Shri Ram College, IIT Delhi, etc.

Aditi Tusnial, who focuses on Marketing and Strategic Management at Wharton will work with Kartik Das, Public Policy, Multinational Management to identify solutions for maximizing overall customer experience, point of contact interactions and efficient operations for enhanced home-stay experience. Jonathan Laguerre, Strategic Management and Kshitij Agarwal, Finance and Strategy, will focus on partnerships for fund-raising and create a robust finance model that will drive scale, impact and sustainability. Julie Berkowitz, Strategic Management and Kathleen Liu, Marketing and Operations will analyse best practices in design and innovation in communication for the desired impetus in reach, engagement, awareness and brand loyalty.

“We seek to benefit from their in-depth analytics, sharp strategic insight, and the innovative application of digital technologies to magnify the impact of our social impact”, says Prabir Banerjea, Managing Member, Balipara Foundation. Social Impact Consulting is gaining momentum as the new lens for Corporate Strategy that helps create social change and sustainable business, with more and more millennials being inclined towards jobs that make a positive impact. “We want to create strategic plans that include local communities and prioritizes greater good. Wild Mahseer is an ideal Social Enterprise Enhancement project for us to make tangible impacts.” says Julie Berkowitz, Strategic Management, Wharton Social Impact Consulting.

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