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Tribute to Harilal Toppo

Harilal Toppo

"Late Harilal was born in Nagakata, Bhagatpore Tea Estate in Dooars West Bengal.  There is no record available of his birth but it is estimated that he was about 90 years old. He had some basic education on this estate. He started working in bungalows at a very early age of about 16 years. After few years he moved to Hunwal Tea Estate near Jorhat and continued to work in bungalows. Later he decided to shift to Balipara Tea Estate, Sonitpur district.He got a job to work in the Visiting Agent's bungalow and showed great keenness to pick-up all types of jobs associated with the bungalow. He could be counted on carrying out basic job in plumbing and electricity and was a great asset. 

He was married and had four children-two sons and two daughters. Unfortunately his wife died and he remarried again. His two daughters and his second wife, Calmly, are still living around Balipara Division. 

He worked in the Visiting Agent's bungalow under Mr. McIntosh-Smith for 17 years since 1953 and thereafter served all Visiting Agents until 1980 when he retired from service. Even during his retirement period he was very active and well respected by all. He continued to work in Wild Mahseer bungalow on a temporary basis for another 3 years. 

He was very particular in his timings and until his last few days, when he was bed ridden, he would make it a point to be the first to attend morning prayers at Wild Mahseer. 

He passed away peacefully on the evening of 7th November, 2013 leaving his wife Calmly. She is now 83 years old and is in fairly good health."

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