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Tree Obituary

Someone sat in the shade today because someone planted me a long time ago
I was the poetry that the Earth wrote on skies
I attracted health, happiness and abundance in the lives of those who hugged me
I provided a home for the bird and butterflies to rest, branches for little children to swing in delight  
And today as I rest in peace, I leave behind a legacy of my memories

I was planted 114 years ago as a seed by the Bada Sahab and nurtured and tended to as a sapling by the Bada Memsahab. I have seen my friends, the plants, the birds and the butterflies in the biodiverse haven of The Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, flourish before my eyes. And weathered many storms and earthquakes. Under my canopy, friends and families danced on magical bonfire nights and gaon burrahs sat to narrate history and tales from the past. Heavy storm & excessive lightning uprooted me on the 15th of August 18.  As I join the other trees of heaven, someone once again will plant another me in my loving memory. -Albizzia Sp (Sirish Family)

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