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Tezpur Town Shopping

Street Scene
Tezpur Statue

Less than half an hour’s drive from Wild Mahseer and situated on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River is the ancient town of Tezpur, administrative headquarters of the Sonitpur district.

Tezpur does not have big shopping centres or shopping malls, but scouring the small markets dotted around the town for bargains is a lot of fun. If guests are looking for cheap trainers and winter jackets they will find a large selection in the markets.

The most popular shopping district is Chowk Bazaar on MC Road in the heart of Tezpur. It is not only a fish and vegetable market but also a good place to buy clothes (it’s surrounded by showrooms and dealers), shoes and traditional hand woven Assamese silks.

Hunt down elegant saris and Assamese national costumes for yourself or to take back as gifts for your friends at home. Shop for traditional handicrafts, in particular cane and bamboo household articles and musical instruments, bell-metal utensils like the xorai traditionally used for offering betel-nut and paan to distinguished guests, and of course both silk and cotton handlooms for which Assam is so famous.

Other traditional crafts include clay, pith, wooden, bamboo and cloth toys, pottery, woodcraft, masks and gold jewellery.

If haggling is not your idea of fun and shopping is more a chore than a pleasure visit the small department store KF located at Mission Chaarali. There is a range of knickknacks here that can serve as gifts for the folks back home including attractive cotton print garments – all at fixed prices.

While in Tezpur why not take in some culture too? You can combine shopping with the half-day Temple Tour.


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