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Tea Tasting

Surrounded by fresh tea bushes it is only natural guests will want to savour “the cup that cheers”. While staying right in the heart of Assam, a region famous for its black tea noted for its body, strong bright colour and unique malty flavour, some may like to take this further and become initiated into the mystique of tea.

We are always delighted to arrange a personal introduction to the romance of tea tasting at our tea bar in the First Flush dining pavilion where 57 different types and grades of tea from every corner of the world are on display.

Guests are guided through the 3 steps required in determining the quality of tea. Firstly, assessing the visual appeal of the dry leaf; secondly, studying the appearance of the liquor (the liquid resulting from infusing the dry leaf in boiling water); and thirdly, appraising the taste.

In order to make the Tea Tasting introduction especially flavourful we have put together an array of unique blends using both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and extracts. So please enjoy sampling our wide boutique of teas and even create your own personal blend to take home.


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