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Spreading the culinary art of the Eastern Himalayas across countries

Cooking with the chefs of the Eastern Himalayas

While visiting the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer, one can discover not only the natural treasures of the land but also travel to the kitchens of local communities to learn the culinary art of the Eastern Himalayas from local chefs.

In all cultures, food plays a significant role in connecting people and exploring the cultural diversity of that place. Forming one such connection, 8 guests from United States of America and United Kingdom visiting Wild Mahseer learnt the secret recipe of an integral Assamese traditional dish “Masor Tenga” – Tangy Fish curry from our community chef Biskel.

A dish they had tasted during their stay and wanted to learn to prepare. “Masor Tenga” is a light and tangy dish that incorporates the sourness of tomatoes and lime and a blend of five spices. Served with steamed rice, it is a summer essential in Assamese households that leaves you feeling energized and refreshed.    

Curious to understand each step of preparing this traditional dish, they surrounded chef Biskel while he cooked. As Biskel narrated every detail on the steps, traditional cooking methods and shared the recipe passed down through generations, it was a rendezvous with local flavors and local stories.

The session culminated with the aroma of the spices and ingredients used filling the air, making everyone crave tucking into a warm bowl of the rice and curry.


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