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Scenic Walks & Bicycle Rides

Wild Mahseer is so much more than a beautiful retreat. It’s true, guests will marvel at our bungalows’ manicured English country gardens with their immaculately kept lawns and flowerbeds in season blooming with marigolds and roses. They are tranquil oases set in the midst of the untamed jungle of tropical trees and plants.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg as the local surrounds, although a great contrast, are equally beautiful and easily accessible to our guests.

Taking a walk at dawn and seeing the sun rise on our neighbouring tea estate is nothing short of magic, and a bicycle excursion any time of day is not just a great form of exercise but given the picturesque villages and farms that surround us, a visual delight as well.

So please feel free to take a stroll or borrow a bicycle. We will be happy to recommend a suitable route and are continually evolving new and more adventurous trails.


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