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Nyishi Community

The Nyishi tribe is one of the principal inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh in north-eastern India. Nyi refers to "a man" and the word shidenotes "a being", which collectively refers to a civilized human being. They are spread across six districts of Arunachal Pradesh viz.,Kra Daadi, Kurung Kumey, East Kameng, Some part of West Kameng, Papum Pare, parts of Lower Subansiri and Upper Subansiri and are also found in the Sonitpur and North Lakhimpur districts of Assam.

Nyokum is the festival celebrated by the Nyishi people, a religion which commemorates their ancestors. Most of them have been converted to Christianity. They live in traditionally designed house known as chang-ghar.

Their population of around 300,000 makes them the most populous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.


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