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Nepali Community

The Nepalis in Assam have preserved and maintained their own traditional social customs. In the process a certain degree of assimilation with the Assamese society has been noted. This is evident from the festivals celebrated, food habits and matrimonial relation where a high degree of assimilation is noted.

There are some ceremonies performed by the Nepalis in Assam in addition to their traditional religious ceremonies. This shows a high level of assimilation into the Assamese fold.

Besides these, the Nepalis of Assam actively participated in the local festival called Bihu. Assam celebrated three Bihus- Magh, Rangali and Kati.

The Magh Bihu celebrated in the month of January/Magh has a Nepali equivalent in Makar Sankranti. The Bohag/Rangali Bihu celebrated in April or Baisakha, is also equally participated by the Nepalis of Assam.

The traditional costume of Nepal is called the Daura Suruwal or Labeda-Suruwal, and consists of a shirt that ends at the knee and fastens at the side with ties, pants, and a kind of shoes called docha. It is worn only by men and can include a coat.

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