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As you explore the bio-cultural heritage of the Eastern Himalayas at the British Heritage Bungalows of Wild Mahseer, drive with us to the Pakke Tiger Reserve to meet the Guardians of the Hornbills


The Nyishi community has been preserving and conserving the hornbills of Arunachal Pradesh. Historically, they would hunt for the hornbill’s beak as a symbol of valour but now protect the Great Indian Honbill from extinction

ghora aabhe society

Meet the members of the society consisting of reformed hunters and conservationist living in and around Pakke Tiger Reserve, who bring years of experiences, enforce customary laws and help in finding locally relevant solutions to natural resource management around Pakke Tiger Reserve

at the Pakke Tiger Reserve guided by a Gaon bhurrah

  • Nature walk through the forest with locally employed hornbill nest protectors.
  • Jeep ride and walk: 13 km jeep ride to Khari
  • Walks around the village
  • Cultural programs with gaon burrahs and women from Self Help Groups
  • Bird watching and education tours. Visit the hornbill nest

Pakke Interpretation center

Take a walk through the first of its kind interpretation center designed to encourage the next generation and visitors to learn more about the Reserve and the Wildlife within

Indulge in Nyishi food

Lip smacking Pehak (cutney made with fermented soya), smoked or skewered meat, vegetables and curries flavored with bamboo shoot and Apong (rice beer) are some ancient recipes to indulge in

Nyishi Hospitality

Polite, shy and generous, Nysihis will welcome you to their homes with warmth and affection as you experience living in harmony with nature

Pakke Paga Festival

Celebrate Nature and the efforts of the Guardians of the Horbnills through the annual Pakke Paga Festival in January. It is a festival of education and awareness through fun, food, workshops and cultural celebration


Bidding Adieu

As you drive back to the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, with the forest fading away behind you, you will take back memories of untouched nature, compassionate people, and the joy of simple living

Duration: 7 hrs 20 mins
Foreign Nationals requires Prior ILP
Contact us for details on entry fees & other details

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport



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