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Celebrate those special moments with us in the Eastern Himalays!

Wild Mahseer

Wild Mahseer, with its British-era history and surrounding nature’s paradise is the perfect destination to celebrate special moments. We indulges you in British-Assam hospitality

Colors of North East India

Experience the Indigenous color of North East of India, its enigmatic culture and hospitality. Its traditional grandeur, art and cuisine

An Intimate Evening

Stay in the 108 years old Heritage Bungalow and cozy up in the elegantly styled rooms with fire place. While our team prepares a lavish meal for you and your loved ones, immerse in the romance of the flamed tea-life during the British-era.

Bonfire Nights

Indulge yourself and your loved ones with an intimate gathering around the bonfire as you celebrate your special moments; craft memories as nature’s symphony serenades you

Milestone Celebrations

Live bands and music, friends jiving and singing, the evenings can be a grand party as you are celebrating milestones.


Conversation with Nature

Celebrate your special occasion accompanied by exotic birds, vibrant butterflies and flowers at Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark; hold tea parties in tranquil tea gardens, graced by elephants and for adventure lover, rafting in Jia Boreli is a must

 Celebrate those special moments 

The old-world charm of the tea estate, the unparalleled views of the tranquil valleys and enchanting blue hills is the perfect retreat for that special occasion.

Capturing those precious moments

The perfect destination for nurturing deep friendships, building humble connections and connecting with the enviable rich legacy of Tea

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport



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