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First Flush - Dining Pavilion

Food is a focal point of the Wild Mahseer experience just as it was during the lives of the old school tea planters when estates were totally self-sufficient. Back in the day the Burra Mem (Manager’s wife) and her staff did everything from making crisps by frying wafer thin potato slices to serve with drinks when the Visiting Agent stopped over while making his regular inspection, to milking the cows kept on property... not to mention protecting the vegetable gardens and fruit trees from tribes of marauding macaque monkeys!

Here at Wild Mahseer little has changed (including the monkey raids). We still use local fish and meat and make yogurt from the milk of our own cows, however while remaining true to producing original planters’ fare using traditional ingredients, now all the fruits and vegetables we use are, as far as possible, organically home-grown or organically grown on local farms.

Many of our recipes are based on Anglo-Indian cuisine and have been developed over the years by memsahibs and bawarchis of the tea planting community. Our chefs also serve a range of North Indian and Assamese food and we pride ourselves on the mouth-watering selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that we make.

 First Flush Dining Pavilion

'First flush' is a tea term that describes the first season's luminescent flowering of leaves on a tea plant.  Our First Flush is a converted tractor shed, which accounts for it’s lofty roof, but like the first flush of tea, it too embodies luminescence. Panelled entirely with glass it is the perfect, bright and sunny place to take a leisurely planters’ breakfast of eggs, fried potatoes, baked beans, chana masala (a north Indian spicy chickpea curry) accompanied by puris (deep fried light, puffy breads), freshly squeezed home-grown seasonal juices like pomelo, papaya and pomegranate, and of course an obligatory cup of English breakfast tea… or two.

The First Flush also serves as our unique and special tearoom where we proudly showcase 57 different types and grades of tea from every corner of the world. Decorated with large paintings of vibrant tropical flowers and soft furnishings of fresh floral prints, on fine days when the French windows are flung open it is like taking afternoon tea in a lush garden.

In the evening First Flush takes on its third incarnation when a bonfire is lit in the middle of the adjacent garden and guests can kick back with a drink in hand to stare up at the towering trees and watch the evening sky deepen into a velvety starry night. Then, after feasting on a buffet of Anglo-Indian multi-cuisine, staff will push back the tables and chairs so guests can ‘cut a rug’ to their favourite music before retiring for the best form of meditation – sleep!


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