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Biodiverse Hotspot

The Northeast India has been identified as one of the world’s seven richest biodiversity areas by Myers 2000. At the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer, our dense forest is home to 1,00,000+ plant species, 75+ different bird species &72+ Butterfly species

Exclusive Flora

Almost 70 per cent of the world’s orchids are found in India’s Northeast and you can touch, feel and smell them, while Jungle Bathing at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer

Largest River Island

The world’s largest riverine island, the Majuli, is in the Northeast. Paddle through the gentle waves as you soak in the scattered green pastures of rice paddies and flowering meadows. Beholding you with its old-world charm.

Gangetic River Dolphins

Assam's Guwahati became the first city in the country to have its own city animal, declaring the Gangetic river dolphin as the mascot. A National Aquatic animal that can be spotted through river cruise on the magnificent Brahmaputra.

Misa Polo Club

Home to heritage club- the Misa Polo Club, it is a retreat for golf lovers as time suspends itself and allows you to soak in the social lifestle of tea planter’s in the British Era

Largest Tea-Growing Region

The Northeast part of the country is the biggest contributor to tea production in India. At Wild Mahseer, you can unravel the history of tea, meander through the lush green tea plantations, interact with the local communities & take a factory tour followed by savouring different flavors of tea

National Parks

Seven of India’s major national parks are located in Northeast. Whether it is spotting the one-horned rhinoceros at the World Heritage Kaziranga National Park or kissing the forest earth at the Nameri National Park

Community Heroes

There are around 220 ethnic groups in the Northeast. Of these, community conservation at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark is driven by the Adivasis, Assamese, Bengalis, Bodos, Garo, Mishing, Nyishi, Nepalese & Rajbongshi. Meaningful interactions & first -hand experiencing their bio-cultural heritage at Wild Mahseer, can be enlightening & enthralling

Assamica Weaves

Assam is the only state in India that produces three important types of indigenous silks – white Pat, golden Muga and warm Eri silk. At the Naturenomics™ Store, explore the ethnic handwoven scarves & sarees

Namami Brahmaputra

The River Brahmaputra that criss-crosses the Northeast is the only Indian river that passes through three countries. Wild Mahseer is nestled on the north bank of this mighty & magnificent river.

Heritage Pride

Ahom dynasty was the country’s biggest, undivided dynasty. There are Bravehearts & there is heritage pride. Time doesn’t make history, people do.

A Boundaryless World

90 per cent of Northeast’s border is shared with China, Myanmar, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Travel to the Eastern Himalayas to feel these ancient intangibles and hear the whispers of history

En route to Tawang

Get a heady dose of the magical North-East of India at Wild Mahseer, which is en-route to the hidden paradise of Tawang

Wild Mahseer to Nameri National Park

Wild Mahseer to Kaziranga National Park

Wild Mahseer to Majuli

Wild Mahseer to Tawang

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