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A walk in nature walks the soul back home – Mary Davis

At the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer, guests can explore 4 new bio-cultural trails in addition to the botanic trail “Conversations with Nature” on campus. Our team endeavours to build an inter-dependent relationship with nearby communities and has initiated a new journey to explore the ethnobotanical plant diversity and traditional lifestyle


Conversations with Nature
Duration - 30mins

Our on-campus ex-situ conservation hub allows one to discover 1,00,000+ species of plants, 75 species of Bird, 72 Species of butterflies, 19 Amphibians, 14 Snakes, 9 Lizards and a diverse spiders and insects population on campus


Garo Village
Duration – 7hours

A short 25- minute drive from the Ark, we take you to the Garo village. The Garo people have made tremendous effort to keep their village green and clean. Learn about local and medicinal plants, handicrafts, weaving or take a walk in nature to discover plants like Agaru used in making incense sticks, medicinal Makhiyoti or indulge in smoked vegetables and meat dishes flavored with bamboo shoots

Mishing Village
Duration – 7hours

A short 20- minute drive from the Ark, one can discover the hidden treasures of the Mishing village. Where one can take a walk into the woods and listen to the magical whispers of old trees. The home gardens of the Baligaon Mishing village has a diversity of butterflies, flowers and birds. Listen to the history from the Gaon Burrahs or have an ethnic lunch of finger licking lunch of Sai mod, -pork and rice with the community by the river bank

Nyishi Village
Duration – 7hours

A short 25- minute drive from the Ark is the Nyishi village bordered with a lustrous green hill. Fascinating nature walk with a Gaon Burrah will enthrall you as you explore the depths of the forests and sight rare flora and fauna. Engage with the people, who are rice cultivators and skilled in the traditional practice of cane and bamboo crafting. Savour cooked meat with rice, pickles and chutneys – Pehak, type of spicy chutney that is made by the use of fermented soya bean and the spiciest chili in the world- “ghost chilli”

Nepali Sapori
Duration- 5 hours with Bicycle

On this trail explore the magnificent view of river Jia Bhoreli, unique avian diversity and the interdependent relationship between humans and nature. Where the people in the region believe that God resides in every living organism and worship different trees like Aegle marmelos, Ficus rumphii, Euphorbia, Ocimum tenuiflorum,etc. Also explore the legend behind the famous Nepali Sapori Durga Temple

Activities for your mind, body and soul

Bird Watching

Forest Bathing

Tree Hugging

Boat ride

Nature walks


Ethnic cuisine

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport



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