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Enhancing the culinary skills of village chefs at the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer

Baking is a superpower that allows one to connect to people universally and share the love for food. At the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer, chefs from local communities create dishes that are rich is culture and history. In order to enhance their culinary skills, a baking workshop with Chef Samandeep Singh and his apprentice Ratan Ghimire was conducted at the Ark.

Spread over two days, the village chefs were guided through the science of baking desserts and breads like Kalakand, Red velvet cake, cookies pizza bread, French bread and bread loafs.  The objective of the 2 days training programme was to equip the restaurant chefs with required skills to have a bakery in house. With the skills learned, Wild Mahseer may offer an “À la carte” Menu for Cakes and Pastries to their guest.

The art of baking remains a fundamental skill and is important for nutrition, as baked goods, especially breads, are a common and important food, both from an economic and cultural point of view. The team at Wild Mahseer was very eager to learn baking and were enthusiastic about the idea of starting Wild Mahseer’s own bakery. They also look forward to more learning opportunities in the future which will add to their professional growth and knowledge.

Chef Samandeep Singh and and his apperentice Ratan Ghimire are planning to start a café restaurant in Guwahati. Samandeep Singh is a passionate Chef with a diploma in Food Production from Institute of Hotel Management, Guwahati and his expertise in bakery and confectionary.


White Loaf

Margherita Pizza

Frech Breakfast
Crème of Egg (Sausage and cheese slices are not in the picture)

Red Velvet Cake

Italian Bread

Butter Cookies


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