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Elephant Country Store by WUYA

Wuya is our Elephant Country Store aimed at promoting natural lifestyle, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature as the source for all our essentials, thus every single product from Wuya is ordained to be fully natural and biodegradable back into where it came from, supporting ecological balance. Wuya endeavours to build a self-sustaining eco-system for its artisans in creating an affordable luxury product positioned to cater niche markets, where we strive for quality, authenticity and uniqueness for those who believe in cause and appreciate natures’ offering .Wuya will uphold its values and culture, a promise we are proud of to be fully handcrafted embodied with natural elements thus making Wuya a master piece to be earned.

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Our promise – We are proud of.

We at Wuya design & produce 100% natural products to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Customer Satisfaction is paramount to us as we draw huge satisfaction from  customers’ feedback, we intend to constantly improvise our product or  service offering for the benefit of all our customers so to ensure exceeded levels of customer satisfaction even post purchase, We encourage complains and suggestions if any and take great interest in our recovery model

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