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Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary (Arunachal Pradesh)

Also located in Arunachal Pradesh but in the West Kameng district, is Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary. Covering an area of 217 sq km it conjoins the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary to the northeast and Pakke Tiger Reserve across the Kameng River to the east and shelters at least fifteen species of mammals, including the capped langur, Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, leopard, Asiatic black bear and the red panda to name a few.

Eagle’s Nest is notable as a prime birding site due to the extraordinary variety, numbers and accessibility of bird species there. It is home to over 450 species of bird, forty-five of which are on the endangered species list. It is where bugun liocichla was first discovered in 1995 and again observed and described in 2006 by Ramana Athreyaa.


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