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This Nature trail will take you through the rich biodiversity of the Mishing Village & will let you experience the tradition and culture of the biodiversity conservation leaders -
‘The Mishing Community’


As you explore the bio-cultural heritage of the Eastern Himalayas at the British Heritage Bungalows of Wild Mahseer, drive with us to the Baligaon Mishing Village to meet the residents of Assam’s first certified green village. Standing true to its title as Green village, it exemplifies clean and green living with a botanic garden of 700+ endemic species, efficient rainwater harvesting system waste management and an ethenic way of life

The Mishing

The Mishing or Mising Tribe is one of the most colourful tribes of Assam with their unique style of living and even unique culture. They are also known as Miris. Mishings are unique in their style of housing. They live in thatched houses raised on bamboo stilts.

The Green Village

The Baligaon Mishing village is rich in history, traditions and culture of the Mishings. Meet Pabitra Kamison Mili, a man of the soil, by whom the village is guided and inspired. Under his guidance, the village today is a remarkable example of community conservation, rich in ethnobotanical plants, home garden farming, handicrafts, traditional fishing, weaving culture and agricultural tools of the Mishing community.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Get an introduction of the Mishing community
  • Experience the history, traditions and cultures of the Mishings
  • Get atour of their village to see ethnobotanically important plants and knowledge about their uses
  • Experience the lifestyle of the Mishing community
  • Explore “Chang Ghar”, the traditional house of the Mishings
  • Get immersed into the handicrafts, traditional fishing and agricultural tools of the Mishing community
  • Learn the traditional techniques of fishing and agriculture
  • Explore the handlooms of the Mishings and learn about their weaving techniques
  • Visit the Certified Green Village Wetland and enjoy a leisure time by boating at the lake


Come be a part of the most colourful spring festival of the Mishing community, “Ali-Aye-Ligang”, on the first Wednesday of the month February-March. The stepping, flinging, flapping of hands and swaying of hips reflects your youthful passion.

Indulge in Mishing food

You do not want to miss the finger licking taste of Sai mod, pork and rice and the mouth-watering Poro Apong (Rice Beer), Nogin Apong (Black Beer), dry fish

Handlooms & Handicrafts

Explore home exquisite handlooms of cotton handcrafted by the village women. The practices of weaving and bamboo works are some popular handicraft profession adopted by the Mishing community.

Mishing Hospitality

The Mishing community stands out for its love of peaceful living. They are fun loving people and are always ready to welcome guests. It is a common practice to join hands and greet the guests and offer them a bowl of rice beer in villages. And who would want to miss a bowl of rice beer?

Bidding Adieu

As you drive back to the Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark, with the forest fading away behind you, you will take back memories of untouched nature, compassionate people, and the joy of simple living.

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport

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