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Bodo Community

Bodo Tribal Community of Assam is considered as the earliest immigrants of Assam. & plays very important role in the culture and tradition of the state.  

Bodo Tribe is known to be the earliest immigrants in Assam. This ethnic community is mainly concentrated in Brahmaputra valleys. It is the largest minority group of the state. It is believed that this tribe arrived in Assam from the Tibet through Bhutan passes. As, the primitive settlers of Assam valley, the bodo community is considered to be the most traditionally and culturally rich community of the state. 

Bodo people speak Bodo language. For writing they used Roman script and Assamese script. Now they have taken up the Nagari script for their writing.

Culture and Religion: Their rich culture incorporates elements like dancing, singing etc. which reflects the entire they have many religious practices and beliefs, among which Bathouism has special importance. 

Food habit of Bodo tribe: This community is very fond of conventional drink called Zu mai. When people visit their house they used to offer this drink as a kind of respect. Their main food consists of non-vegetarian dish like pork and fish. Oma Bedor, Onla and Narzi are their main cuisines. 

Fairs and festival of Bodo tribe “Baishagu is the main festival of Bodo community. It is celebrated during the month of April every year.

Economy of Bodo tribe: Earlier, this tribe used to practiced cultivation and farming. Among them rice farming, tea plantation, poultry and silkworm rearing were the main occupation. Bodo people are expert in Bamboo craft. Weaving is the main occupation of Bodo women. 


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