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Nature has been particularly generous in her gift of sylvan treasures to the ranges of Eastern Himalayas. The region has the second-highest terrestrial biodiversity on the planet, making it a bona fide biodiversity hotspot. Endowed with rich floral and faunal diversity, the luxuriant forest hosts many rare birds and butterflies, some still undiscovered species.

The Eastern Himalayan Botanic Ark in residence at Wild Mahseer is home to 75+ species of birds and 72+ species of butterflies. The yellow footed green pigeon, oriental pied hornbill, ruofous treepie, white eyed buzzard are some of the rare birds in this man-nurtured forest. Along with butterflies such as great Mormon, common jay, chocolate pansay and common pierrot

Conversations with Nature

From a barren land to a gifted lush green landscape nurtured by local communities, explore the abundant biodiversity as you experience the forest, the butterflies, the song of the birds and uncover the secrets of nature

Nature trail

Nature trails in our forests and communities nearby will help you understand the botany of these community villages and the intricate interdependent relationship. Studying the contours of the terrains will familiarize one with the landmarks and experience the excitement of identifying species that went unnoticed the first time around

Birding Event

We host workshops and birding events at the Ark to promote education and awareness on the wealth of the habitat, which is a haven for birders, nature lovers, and wildlife photographers

Nameri National Park

If you have a bucket list of spotting rare birds, participate in “Jungle Bathing” with us and visit Nameri National Park to discover exotic birds, some which bird watchers spend their entire life looking for. We assure you of an incredible experience connecting with nature as our very knowledgeable local community members take you on a guided tour

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