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Balipara Saturday Market

Balipara Market

Guests will very likely notice an expanse, empty except for a few makeshift-looking bamboo structures, on the approach road just before reaching Wild Mahseer. This is the Balipara market site which, for one day each week, is transformed into a hive of activity as stallholders bring in their assorted merchandise to display and sell.

If you are fortunate enough stay at Wild Mahseer on a Saturday, market day, it is definitely well worth a visit.

The market acts as a magnet and attracts people from all over. It gives visitors a canny insight into everyday life in Assam. Be amazed at the number of different languages spoken and the kaleidoscopic mix of people coming from so many different ethnic backgrounds that include tribesmen from the north wearing hornbill headgear and mystic sadhus.

Wander down the narrow aisles between stalls heaped with brilliant patterned saris and shawls, snug winter jackets and little girls' lacy party frocks. Bargain for bangles, beads and nose rings, hunt for henna or rummage through piles of cooking utensils. Stroll past rows of sacks overflowing with pungent, vivid spices and dusky blocks of palm sugar. Feast your eyes on ground sheets piled high with polished red carrots, plump purple brinjal, ruby red tomatoes, emerald green beans and small newspaper packages of short dumpy scarlet chillies – the hottest in the world.

Balipara Saturday Market is a bustling, vibrant event with an incredible range of goods for sale from goats and cows to nit-combs… and almost everything in-between!


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