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Breakfast at Wild Mahseer

A continental mix of baked beans, potatoes, toasts, seasonal fresh juices, omelets and boiled eggs. Followed by the customary Assam Tea to relish the history of Assam

Napkins on Lap

Flavorful yet mild on spices, the Anglo-Indian food is the delicious result of the British Raj in India. Indian cooks (Khansamas) married British cooking with Indian spices to put together Croquets, Meat Koftas, Chutneys, Grilled vegetables, Stews and Roast, Pies and Puddings that make for a contemporary dining experience

Flavours & Spices

The cuisine has a unique use of coconut, yogurt and almonds. Curries with minimal spices yet so flavorful


Local Flavours of Assam

Low Carbon Footprint meals

Local communities around Wild Mahseer offer traditional vegetarian meals or dals and greens that are served on banana leaves and serving plates made out of bamboo to dig right in with your fingers

Eat Locally

The hill tribes of Assam pack up authentic flavours in its Aalohir Exa- Thali of Poitabhaat, khar, tenga curry, pitika and fermented food with low spices

Local chefs from communities like Mishing, Bodo, Nyishi and Garo cook steamed, smoked and fermented dishes with spices and herbs that have medicinal benefits

Traditionally, local food is cooked in earthen. This method imparts a smell from the utensils to the food itself giving it a distinct flavor

Experience the local hospitality

Proud of their cultural heritage that reflects in their delectable cuisine and indomitable hospitality, the hill tribes of the Eastern Himalayas will welcome you with warmth

220 KM from Guwahati Airport
18 KM from Tezpur Airport



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