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Ali Ai Ligang

Ceremonial start of paddy sowing

Ali-Aye-Ligang is a spring festival associated with agriculture, specially with the beginning of the Ahu paddy cultivation. It is celebrated by the  Mising  or Mishing an indigenous tribe of Assam, India. The festival marks onset of sowing seeds. The name of the festival is made up of three terms, 'Ali', legumes, 'Aye', seed and 'Ligang', to sow.

The festival begins on 'Ligange lange', the first Wednesday of 'Gimur Polo', which occurs in February in the Gregorian calendar or on Wednesday of the month of  Fagun  of the Assamese calendar and in the month of February in English calendar which lasts for five days. In this festival young people of the community in particular participate 'GUMRAAG SOMAN' and dance to the tune of folk songs and melodious 'oi: nitom'. The first day of the festival is marked by the ceremonial start of paddy sowing and throughout the festival many others activities such as ploughing and tree cutting are forbidden.

Women of all ages come out In their Agey-gasor and danced from morning until night.

It is heartwarming to see the younger generations keeping the tradition alive.


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