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We cannot paint a complete picture of the Wild Mahseer experience without mentioning our team of loyal and devoted staff. They assist our visitors with anything they need and answer any questions they have.

When visiting Wild Masheer guests leave the more frequently travelled path and take a step back in time. One of the things they will notice is how our staff displays the old school etiquette of days gone by. This is not only refreshing to stumble across in our pressured modern world, but it also echoes the ambience of the past, adding authenticity to their taste of the legendary ways of the British planter.

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At the Heritage Bungalow there is a team of staff consisting of housekeeping, bearers, a chef, assistant cooks and gardeners all under the auspices of our estate and bungalow managers. They will pamper guests in true planter style, imbuing them with bygone customs as they pour afternoon tea, mix pre-dinner drinks and serve meals as they were served one hundred years ago. Two girls are dedicated to the upkeep of each of the other bungalows and we have a team of six security staff.

Our managers speak English fluently with the majority of our staff understanding a little. Everyone is gentle, patient and willing to do everything they can to make our guests’ stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. All the people working at Wild Mahseer have either grown up on, or worked on tea plantations and some have outlandish stories to tell, like how one Estate Manager paid a weekly salary part of which was deducted in a pension plan… to his working elephant!

But more than anything they will make you feel at home and ensure that history really is your host.

As our Home Stay Reimbursements do not include a service charge we encourage guests to leave a gratuity to be shared amongst our staff.


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