Tea/Monsoon Season 5 Day/4 Night Package

(1 May to 31 October)


This 5 Day Tea/Monsoon Package includes:

  • Tea Factory tour
  • Elephant ride to a tea party in the tea plantation
  • Day’s visit to traditional Mising village
  • Tea tasting at Wild Mahseer
  • Organic Experimental Cultivation Station tour at Wild Mahseer
  • Visits to a Buddhist Monastery and Hindu Temples


  Day 1

Afternoon tea and Tea Tasting at First Flush dining pavilion

  Day 2

Visit to Addabarie Tea Factory (20 mins)
Lunch at tea plantation
Drive to Rangapara Monastery (20 mins) for tantric meditation
Return to Wild Mahseer (45 mins)

  Day 3

Drive to traditional Mising village (10 mins)
Participate in every day community life
Visit hand loom centre
Ethnic lunch
Farm tour
Return to Wild Mahseer (10 mins)

  Day 4

Breakfast Drive to Tezpur (20 mins)
Visit Sri Mahabhairab Mandir Hindu Temple
Visit Holeshwar Hindu Temple
Visit Agni Garh
Lunch in Tezpur followed by shopping
Return to Wild Mahseer (20 mins)
Tea in the Tea Elephant Trek

  Day 5

Tour of Organic Experimental Cultivation Station

If you wish we can customise a Tea/Monsoon Season Package to your own personal requirements. 


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